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Red Tiger het Trans pos 50% het Hypo Male


This boy is beautiful! His colors are beautifully contrasted. The little dash of blue bars are going to make him pop when he grows up. 


We handle our dragons from the hatchling stage so they are very used to human interaction.




80% Bugs, 20% Greens


Large Superworms, Medium Dubia Roaches, BSFL, and Repashy

Collard, Mustard, and Parsley greens


Current Weight: 26

Current Length: 9 inches

Date of Birth: April 4th, 2021

Red Tiger het Trans pos 50% het Hypo

SKU: OxL21-9
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  • ***Guarantee & Policies****

    Trilogy Dragons reserves the right to refuse a sale to anyone, for any reason. Terms and conditions are subject to change as we deem necessary. 

    Live arrival is guaranteed if someone is home to accept delivery on the first attempt. If you cannot be home for delivery please let us know in advance so arrangements can be made to ship to a FedEx Hold Center near you. In the rare event of a delivery mishap, resulting in a deceased animal, you must contact Trilogy Dragons within 30 minutes of the scanned delivery time stamp with written details and photos of the shipping box and animal(s) at opening. Do not remove any deceased animal from it’s original packaging. Do not throw away any original packaging, or dispose of a deceased animal, until we have been contacted and have received all requested/required information and given the ok to do so. Trilogy Dragons will not be held responsible for replacing your animal, or refunding any monies, if the above stipulations are not met. 

    Trilogy Dragons guarantees the health of your animal for 14 days from the time received. For this guarantee to be in effect you must have provided proper care for your animal as outlined in our care guide. A photo of your animals home may be requested if a health issue arises. 

    You must notify Trilogy Dragons immediately if you feel your animal is experiencing a health issue or you are concerned for any reason. DO NOT TAKE THE ADVICE OF OTHERS OR AN INTERNET SEARCH ENGINE. If you have followed ALL instructions and the animal is still not thriving, Trilogy Dragons will send you a replacement animal. If that is not possible a full or partial refund will be issued, depending on the situation, after the animal in question has been promptly returned. If you chose to co-habitat your new animal, any guarantee or return is VOID. 

    Trilogy Dragons reserves the right to withhold parent photos. This is proprietary information and falls under Trade Secret. We will provide full genetic information for each animal retailed directly from us. 

    We do our best to take photos in different lights and situations to represent our animals in a fair way. We do not use any photo altering or enhancing methods. Any nip at time of ad will be notated and listed. Trilogy Dragons cannot guarantee final color, size, or look of your animal. Many factors determine an animal's outcome; including but not limited to environment, lighting, heat, feeding, and stress. 

    We do our best to accurately sex young animals and have been doing so for many years. However, there is no guarantee on sex unless otherwise stated at time of sale. 

    It is our goal to provide the best customer service possible to each of our customers. 

    Contact information is provided at the time of sale. We are available to you should an emergency/concerns arise for the life of your animal. Please do not hesitate to contact us for any additional information or advice that you feel you may need to care for your Trilogy  animal. 


    Online orders are processed through PayPal invoice. An account with PayPal is not required for this method. Animals are marked sold after payment has been received. No animals are shipped until payment has been received in full. We offer several short term payment plan options for our animals. 

    **Payment Plan Options**

    *Animals listed at $200-$500 require a minimum down payment of $50 with the balance due within 14 days. 

    *Animals listed at $500-$1,000 require a minimum down payment of 40% with the balance due within 14 days. 

    *Payment plans required on purchases greater than $1,000 are offered on a case by case basis. 

    Any down payment or subsequent payments made on payment plans are non refundable. Failure to complete payment will result in a credit with Trilogy Dragons. Any sale over $500 will require a copy of purchasers state issued photo ID (Please edit out your ID number in the photo). This policy is in place to protect all parties against fraud. 


    Our primary concern is that our animal(s) arrive to you safely, therefore, Trilogy Dragons ships FedEx Priority Overnight Monday through Wednesday ONLY. If temperatures are below 30 degrees or over 90 at any point of travel Trilogy Dragons will not ship until conditions improve. If there are major weather events we reserve the right to refuse shipment until conditions improve. 


    ALL SALES ARE FINAL!! Any order canceled prior to ship/pick up will result in a credit with Trilogy Dragons towards a future purchase. 

    On a case by case basis, and at the discretion of Trilogy Dragons, if special circumstances arise and an exchange or a refund is offered after delivery has occurred original shipping charges will not be refunded. If returning an animal, the customer must make arrangements to do so within 24 hours and via the same means the animal was shipped to you.

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